Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fresh Flowers, Dried Flowers and or Silk Flowers?

 Hard to decide,one thing we can agree, all three category have they own fair share on the market.

 Fresh Flowers naturally are natural. They are beautiful and have unique fragrances.

 Dried Natural Flowers are alternative to fresh and silk flowers. When preserved right they can be for very long time useful for decorations. Maintenance for dried flowers are low. Many different way to preserve natural flower, some can be easily down at home but there are more complicated and expensive professional services are available for your convenience.

   Silk Flowers are almost maintenance free and in many situation the best alternative for fresh and dried flowers. For example in public location and where no sufficient natural light available they are on of the best alternatives. Naturally in the "unnatural" word also you have several level of quality regarding Silk flowers.
From the cemetery,memorial service all the way up to Wedding Bouquets. Not forgetting the fact when you have almost no choices but to go with Silk Flower if you like to have flower as a decoration.
One particular situation when due to allergy of human or pet, natural or dry flower not a option.

So many option Fresh,Dried and Silk Flowers, where and when to use it? If you are not sure ask your qualified local Florist to recommend you the best solution(s) in every one of the situations you have to make your decision.
In my opinion all three category have they own advantage and disadvantage, just have to find the right one for the right occasion,you preferred Florist experience in the field can make a real different for you.

Thank you for reading

No questions you can't beat all the beauty and delicatessen of fresh flowers.
Unfortunately with all the advantages they are not the best in all situations,also the short lifespan
making limited use for them.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Social Network Marketing for Business

                                                            Think Outside The Box

When you think about Network Marketing, Facebook and Tweeter is the first you think provably.
It is right and wrong. If you do right on Facebook and Tweeter then naturally Facecebook is the world most known application. But don't forget  Facebook was not created for business marketing, yes you can create fan page on it, if you know how to do it right. Tweeter can be used well for business if you have your own Blog and or Website, since 140 character not really to long to do your sales on it.
If you think just send out short messages like "Hi buy this and buy that here are the link" it will not making you famous on the Tweeter. First you have to let your followers know what you doing, and give them as many useful info and news as you can before damp your sales tweet on them.
Therefor a good fan page on Facebook will help you. Think out of the box and have as many online and offline place presents your business and business related info as you can think. It does not have to be exclusively paid advert to be effective. I think you can agree with me on that if they find you and contact you that is a good sign. Use squeeze page with free offer to capture they info and then build relationship. Then when they like your business then offer them to buy from you. More they know you, more they like you and more likely buy from you.
 Don't for get excellent customer service after sales, kip your customers happy so they cam back more often.
Some "out of the box" place you can have list your business for free, and interact with prospect and current customers are here.
Yellow Page online, as far I know printed edition of Yellow Pages out of print for good as of 2011.
Twellow is the tweeter yellow pages and is free you can check it out our listing here:
Flickr photo application excellent for show your business related photos and you can set up free
forum for interact with your customers. We just open ours for the trade, invitation only:
Flickr well known for photo sharing but if you study it more, there are more in for you, and related to yahoo so you get great exposure for free.
One more to mention is what would be your online local and
coast-to-coast network marketing. Provably 80% local and 20% out town marketing share.
Check out your local city/town and you will be surprise what is hold for you for free.
Naturally Merchantcircle will fit in this plan to, and the cost really affordable, it is free.
One of the best to spread the word about your business is living quality comment to related Blogs,
but remember don't spam.
Hop this help you get ahead, wishing the best for you and your business.

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